Publications from this Conference

If you presented at this conference and publish an edited or expanded version of your talk, please send us the title, a link to the journal or book, and (optionally) a link to a website with a list of all your publications (i.e. your university website or

We would love to maintain a list of publications that result from this conference, thereby maintaining the networks we built and ensuring that this research is not forgotten.

Known Publications

Dinu Luca, “The Devil, the Good Lord, and the Chinese Language: A Plea for Un-forgetting.” In Luminița Bălan and Mugur Zlotea (eds.), A Festschrift for Florentina Vișan (Bucharest: Editura Universității din București, 2017), 255-277. Full paper available at

Mark Gamsa, “Sergei Tret’iakov’s Chzhungo: Reportage from China in the 1920s”, Russian Literature, vol. 103–105 (January – April 2019), pp. 145–57.

Rebecca Krug, Margery Kempe and the Lonely ReaderCornell UP, 2017.