NTU Library Procedures

To enter the NTU library, international visitors will need their passport or ARC while Taiwanese citizens will need their National Identity Card. After registering, you may bring laptops and laptop bags into the library, but you will sometimes be asked to place larger bags in a locker downstairs. To contact the NTU library reference desk, you may call 02-33662326 from within Taiwan (+886-2-33662326 for international calls). See this page for the library’s hours.

Buses that travel along Xinsheng S. Road from Taipei Tech to NTU include 52, 253, 280, 284, 290, 311, and 505. You may also take the MRT to Gonguan Station, exit 2 or 3, (green line–transfer from the yellow line at Guting). Alternatively, you may rent a YouBike or walk (the walk south on Xinsheng S. Road would take fifty minutes to an hour, going past Da’an Park).