Companion Cultural Events

In addition to the two-day conference, which will be held on a Friday and a Saturday, we will also be organizing companion cultural events on Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27, including visits to the Suho Memorial Paper Museum, NTU Library and Special Collections, Wisteria Tea House, Academia Sinica’s Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica’s Archives of the Institute of Taiwan History, the Taipei Tea House, and the National Palace Museum.

Deadline: Cultural Event registration closed Monday, April 25. (The Thursday afternoon Taipei Tea House workshop (2:15–5:30) may be able to accommodate late registrants. Please e-mail with any questions.)

Events on Thursday, May 26

Academia Sinica and lunch at Fu Hsin Hotel (9:00–2:00): Registered attendees should meet at the Art Center of the Administration Building. (Enter Taipei Tech’s main gate on Zhongxiao Road; then turn left immediately and go into the first building.) Please be prompt. Attendees will tour the Archives of the Institute of Taiwan History and have a special tour of the Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, which is usually not open on Thursdays, on Academia Sinica’s beautiful campus. The tour of the archives will include a fifteen-minute introduction to the archives, fifteen minutes in the reading room, and a thirty-minute tour of the special exhibition. The museum has an excellent collection of rare texts and artifacts, and, as it is off the beaten path, is not visited as often as it deserves to be.  Attendees will then have a set lunch at Fu Hsin Hotel. The Academia Sinica tours are free; Taipei Tech is renting bus transportation to Academia Sinica. Event price covers the set lunch and partially covers the cost of the transportation. This event is combined with the Taipei Tea House tour; there will be bus transportation directly to Taipei Tea House after lunch, and then back to Taipei Tech.

Suho Memorial Paper Museum (9:50–11:30 or 12:00) Registered attendees should meet downstairs at Exit #4 of Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station. (See map of Suho Memorial Paper Museum, NTU library, and Wisteria Tea House locations.) This event consists of a tour of the paper museum, including demonstration of Eastern and Western methods of making a sheet of paper. The tour will be in Chinese, with translation done by students from Taipei Tech. Written explanations in the museum are in Chinese and English. All visitors can make one sheet of paper. *Note: Unfortunately, the Suho Memorial Paper Museum is not very accessible to people with disabilities. The museum is a modest-sized building, but there are three flights of stairs and no elevator.

Student assistants will be able to help participants in the Suho Memorial Paper Museum get lunch at restaurants (lunch is not included in the tour price) and help them attend the NTU library tour at 2:00, if they have registered for it. Participants will be traveling by MRT and may wish to purchase an Easy Card at any MRT station before the 9:50 tour (200 NT minimum).

National Taiwan University Library and Special Collections (2:00–3:00) The tour will be in English and is offered for free by the library staff. (However, registration is closed.) Student assistants from Taipei Tech will accompany guests on the tour and will help guests who have registered for the Wisteria Tea House tour to arrive there at 3:30. (See map of Suho Memorial Paper Museum, NTU library, and Wisteria Tea House locations.)

Taipei Tea House (2:00–5:00, arriving back to Taipei Tech by 5:30): Surrounded by beautiful scenery, attendees will learn about Taiwanese Tea Culture and participate in an English workshop in which they will follow all the steps necessary to make green tea from fresh leaves (two hours). Participants will be able to take forty grams of tea leaves home with them. (It costs an additional 80 NT to try the tea you make there.) Participants who attended the Academia Sinica tour in the morning will come here directly by bus. Tour price includes the workshop and partially covers the cost of transportation.

Wisteria Tea House (3:30–5:30) Built in 1921, this Japanese-Era Tea House has a fascinating history. Attendees will learn about the tea house and drink tea with snacks. (The Wisteria staff will give the tour in Chinese; Professor Vinia Huang will translate.) (See map of Suho Memorial Paper Museum, NTU library, and Wisteria Tea House locations.)

Event on Friday, May 27

National Palace Museum Visit

After the paper sessions on Friday, we will eat a quick and very early dinner before leaving Taipei Tech for the Palace Museum at 5:30 p.m. We will arrive at the museum around 6:00 p.m. and stay there until it closes at 9:00 p.m. A short guided tour of the works in the museum most relevant to our conference theme will be available, and guests will also want time to explore other parts of the museum on their own. Tour price covers the boxed dinner, museum tickets, and audio equipment and partially covers the cost of transportation and the student assistant salary.