Archives in Taiwan

Some scholars may wish to do archival work in Taipei or Taiwan before or after our conference. For more information on the archives of Taiwan, please see the ACROSS (Archives Cross Boundaries) website, the National Archives Administration National Development Council (government documents), the Ministry of Culture website, and The Church Historical Archives (material on Christianity in Taiwan and the February 28 incident). More information is available below.

International scholars from further afield may also find it worthwhile to explore the available archives in Hong Kong, as Taipei is only a one-hour flight away.

Archives in Taiwan

The ACROSS website features archives from Academia Sinica, Taiwan Historica, the National Palace Museum, the National Science and Technology Museum, the National Library of Public Information, the National Taiwan Museum, and the Li-Tien-Lu Puppet Theatrical Foundation, among others. Some of the listed archives, for example National Central Library, have clickable links, so that you can get a small quick view of items such as Taiwanese stone rubbings, photographs of nineteenth-century Taiwan, and class books from the Japanese period. The Taiwan Film Digital Archives Databases also has a very nice English site, and many of the university archives are worth investigating.

National Taiwan University,  not far from Taipei Tech, has numerous special collections and archives, plus a large collection of books and databases that you may wish to consult if your university has more limited resources. These include Asian American Drama, British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries, British Periodicals, Japan Knowledge, Manuscript Women’s Letters and Diaries, and Nineteenth-Century Collections Online. See this campus map; the main library is labeled M12. For more details on using the NTU library, click here.

A useful site for government documents from Taiwan is the National Archives Administration National Development Council. The procedure for access to archives is available here. However, the archive catalog (Archives Access Service) is exclusively in Chinese.

See also the Ministry of Culture’s website, which has information on the White Terror Dossiers and the National Memories project.

Scholars interested in the history of Christianity in Taiwan, works by early missionaries, English mission periodicals, and the 228 Incident may wish to explore the Church Historical Archives.

You may also wish to visit the U.S.’s Worldwide Diplomatic Archives Index: Taiwan.

Archives in Hong Kong

Many of the most interesting Hong Kong archives are listed by the Hong Kong Archive Society, including Hong Kong Baptist University’s large collection of papers on the history of Christianity in China and Hong Kong. Also of interest are the University of Hong Kong’s special collections, the Hong Kong Heritage Project, the Old Hong Kong Newpapers site, the CSSC Maritime Heritage Research Centre, the Asia Art Archive, and the Hong Kong Film Archive.